The Guest(s), dropping by or staying at the hotel, automatically accept the hotel policies, terms, and conditions stated below upon check-in. The same is also accessible at

Tariff & Key Card

The tariff is only for your room. Kindly make sure that your bill displays the exact tariff. Guests should only acquire the Key Card from the reception. Only 1 Key Card would be issued per occupant. You should carry your Key Card at all times throughout your stay. Upon check out, all Key Cards are to be returned to the Front Desk. Should the Key Card get lost, the Key Card amount shall be payable.


Kindly demand a bill if your booking is done through the hotel’s website at or straight through phone or walk-in at the front desk. You should also make sure that a valid bill is printed and acquired.

Identification (ID) & Registration Policy

A bona fide government-issued photo identification is needed at check-in for each occupant of the room displaying the guest’s address. The identity proof would encompass a valid driver’s license, voter’s identity card, and etc. A valid passport is required for all foreign guests. Passports should have a valid visa. The Guest Registration Card has to be filled out in complete detail by the guest; being unable to do so may lead to dishonoring of the booking. Guest data, such as Mobile Number and Email Address, will be used to get in touch with guests for WiFi, Billing, Promotions, and Others. By signing the Guest Registration Card, the guest automatically consents to this.

Number of Guests in Room/Visitors Policy

The maximum number of guests that are allowed within the confines of the room is the number and name of guests that have been paid for while the room was reserved. Visitors are not allowed into the room zones and rooms. If any individual has come to visit the room guest, the meeting should take place in public areas such as restaurants, coffee shops, etc. “Solicited guests” or “anti-social elements” are not allowed, and the hotel reserves the right for guests who bring these in to leave the hotel premises. Visitors shall not be authorized between 11:30 pm to 7:00 am, and if discovered occupying the room without knowledge to the desk, then charges shall be made payable by the guest.

Check In – Check Out Policy

Check-in time is at 12:00 noon while check-out is at 10 am. If the guest wishes to stay up to 6 pm and if the room has not been booked, then the guest will be charged half of the room’s normal daily rate. The full day tariff will be charged if the guest checks out beyond 6 pm. Late check-out is subject to availability.

Early Arrival Policy

Early check-in can be asked for while making your reservation or by contacting the Front Desk before your arrival. Please note that early check-in is based only on availability and cannot be guaranteed. Early check-ins before 9 am will be on a full-day chargeable basis considered as held from the past night.

Early Departure Policy

Guests will be asked to confirm their departure date upon check-in. Changes to the departure date may be made without any penalty if the rate plan allows and if done prior to the end of the arrival day. An early departure fee may be applied if guests depart after confirming their departure date. Kindly contact the hotel duty manager for further information.

Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted in guest rooms. Other accommodation for pets is available on a chargeable basis and is subject to availability at a location offsite.

Advance Policy

Upon check-in, the hotel will collect 100% advance amount of the submitted number of room night stays. The hotel also has the right to charge a “Pre Authorization” on the Credit Card with regards to extras. In case of any addition to the stay dates, further advance for the period shall be shouldered on the day of extension. The hotel reserves the right to disable the guest key card in the event of any outstanding bills until the same is cleared.

Long Stay Guests

Long Stay Guests, i.e., guests staying more than 10 nights, have to continually settle (every 5 nights) their outstanding balances against the room guest ledger folio. The hotel reserves the right to disable the guest key card in the event of any outstanding bills until the same is cleared.

Movie Viewing Policy

A Complimentary Movie Ticket is subject to 1 Ticket per room only, regardless of the number of occupants staying in a room, and subject to availability only from Monday to Thursday. Excluded days: Friday to Sunday and Government-declared Public Holidays booked via the hotel website at

Maximum Occupancy Policy

Three persons are the maximum occupancy for a room.

Children Policy

A maximum of 1 child below the age of 12 stays complimentary in the room with their parents without any charges, given that no extra bed is used. Children above 12 years old are considered as adults. An extra bed can be supplied on request at a charge.

Extra Bed Policy

Rollaway beds and mattresses are offered at a fee. Attainability is not guaranteed.

Accessibility Policy

The hotel has one accessible guest room (physically challenged accommodation) and provides wheelchairs to guests when necessary. Wheelchairs are subject to availability.

Settlement of Bills and Payment Policy

Upon presentation, bills must be settled by cash or by credit card. Guests who pay in cash will be requested to pay the full accommodation rates. Personal cheques are not honored.

Credit Cards and Third-Party Credit Cards

The credit card holder must be in attendance for the hotel to accept and swipe the credit card as a payment method. A non-guest who would like to pay for a room guest’s expenses must make arrangements with the hotel directly. The hotel does not acknowledge faxed credit card authorization forms.

Security Policy

The hotel reserves the right to hand over all guest information to the police or any other investigating groups. All guests are to permit their baggage to be checked by guards/scanner machines during check-in and check-out. The hotel reserves the right to check guests’ luggage at any period of time during their stay as well. Firearms, hazardous agents, suspicious materials, chemicals, and drugs are strictly not allowed. Licensed firearms are to be revealed to the hotel during check-in.


Outside food, beverages, and liquor are not allowed to be consumed while dining within the hotel’s restaurants. In addition, guests who make a disturbance to the operations will be asked to leave the premises.

Amendment/Cancellation Policy

All reservations should be amended/canceled 48 hours before the scheduled arrival date. Reservations canceled within 48 hours of the date of arrival will give rise to a cancellation charge of one night. Cancellations during the peak season have to be done at least 7 days before the arrival date to be eligible for no cancellation charge. For a group that books 5 rooms or more, the confirmation for the reservation will only be given on the premise of advance payment. In the event of a no-show or amendment/cancellation of the conference/group (whether full or in part), within 15 days or less from the check-in date, a retention charge will be imposed at the hotel’s discretion. In addition, if any participants check out early, then retention will be charged for the nights booked, which is now being released because of the early check-out.

Other Areas of the Hotel

With regards to the other areas of the hotel, such as, but not limited to, Public Areas, Corridors, Banquet Halls & Terraces, Gym, and Business Center, any guest who violates a rule/regulation or who poses a hazard to the area will be asked to vacate the hotel premises.

Swimming Pool Policy

The swimming pool is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm only. No lifeguard is on duty. Children below 17 years old must be supervised by an adult at all times in and around the pool area. Registration for pool usage is required. Swimming is at the own risk of the visitor/guest and the hotel does not assume liability for any mishap.

Visitors’ Belongings

Visitors are implored to lock the door of their rooms when going to bed or when going out. The hotel will not be responsible whatsoever for the theft or loss of the visitors’/guests’ goods or any other property not bestowed on the Management or for damage thereof whether it is because of the neglect of the hotel staff, agents, or any cause including the theft. For the guests’ benefit, private lockers are available in every room to guarantee the safety of their valuables.

The Company’s Lien on Visitors’ Luggage and Belongings

In the event of a default in payment of dues by a guest, the Management shall be authorized to a lien on the baggage and belongings, and to keep the same and to put on sale or auction such property at any time after the departure date without mention to the party and allocate the net sale proceeds toward the amount due by the guest.

Internet and WiFi Policy

Hotel guests are provided wired and non-wired Internet by the hotel. The bandwidth is limited and is only intended for browsing. Heavy file downloading is not allowed, and if found so, the facility may be removed. Anti-social sites, pornographic sites, and banned sites browsing are not permitted. The hotel has the authority to monitor guests’ browsing history for safety and security reasons. It is required for guests to provide their mobile number in order for the WiFi user ID and password to be given.

Hazardous Goods

The keeping of cinema film, raw and exposed, or any other articles of hazardous or combustible nature in guest rooms or storage is strictly forbidden.

Damage to Property

Guests will be held liable for any loss or damage to the hotel property caused by themselves, their friends, or for any person for whom they are accountable. The hotel also maintains the right to call the local police station in the event that a guest refuses to pay for the damage, including, but not limited to, having possession of the guest’s belongings and detainment of the guest until the matter arrives at an amicable solution. Such guest will also be checked out, regardless of the number of days booked in the stay. The hotel also holds the right to circulate the information of the incident, including the guest’s name, to the Hotel Associations.

Management Rights

The Management holds the absolute right of admission to any individual in the hotel premises and to demand any guest to vacate his or her room at any moment without prior notice and without assigning any cause whatsoever. The guest shall be required to vacate when asked to do so. In default, the Management will be authorized to remove the luggage and belongings of the guest from the room occupied by him or her and lock the room. The Management also maintains the right to alter any policies, rules, and regulations every now and then. In case of any dispute, the hotel’s decision will be held as final and binding. Any experience in the hotel is contingent on Jijiga jurisdiction only.

Left Luggage Policy

The hotel will store left luggage for a maximum of 24 hours only, after which it maintains the right to do away with the luggage or hand it over to the local police station and will not shoulder any liability for the same in case it gets lost, mishandled, or damaged. Hotel security will check the luggage before taking possession of the same.

Government Rules and Regulations

Guests are called to follow the government rules and regulations applicable to Ethiopia with regards to alcoholic drinks, firearms, registration, etc.

Smoking Policy

Istanbul Hotel is 100% smoke free.

Currency Fluctuations

Rates accepted in USD may be converted by the hotel to local currency at your period of stay, based on the exchange rate used by the hotel and is open to exchange rate fluctuations. Credit card exchanges are subject to further currency conversions by banks or credit card companies, which is not within the control of the hotel and may affect the amount charged to your credit card.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol and all narcotics such as chewing Khat (Qaat) are not permitted in or outside Istanbul Hotel.

Parking Policy

The hotel offers self-parking and valet parking; however, parking is entirely at the vehicle owner’s risk. The hotel does not accept any responsibility for any loss of belongings or loss of/damage to the vehicle. If vehicles are parked overnight, then guests are obliged to inform the front desk; otherwise, the cars will be towed away.

Lost and Found

If the guest leaves any item behind, they should inform the front desk as soon as possible through email. In case the guest does not get in touch with the hotel, then the hotel maintains the right to throw out the same without any accountability on the hotel.

Relation Between the Company and Visitors/Guests

Nothing within this mentioned shall signify or be allowed any form of tenancy or sub-tenancy or any right of tenancy or sub-tenancy or interest in the hotel’s premises or any portion in favor of any guest, visitor, or resident. The hotel shall always be assumed to be in full and complete possession and control of the entirety of the hotel’s premises.

Rights of Admission Reserved

The hotel, and the whole building as a facility complex, is Private Property, in which “rights of admission are reserved.” The Management can ask any guest to leave the hotel premises on account of disturbance or posing a hazard to other guests or employees or violating any of the hotel’s policies or terms.

Amendment of Rules

The Management maintains the right to add, adjust, or revise any of the above-mentioned terms, conditions, and rules.


For further information, you may reach us at 0931712950 and 0929293435, email us at or you may visit us at 1236 Sayid Main Road, Jijiga, Ethiopia 0869999